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Dot4, Inc. was founded in 1993 as a consulting company focused on realtime and embedded industries. In 2007 Innovative Applied Sciences was born out of Dot4 with a new mission to pursue cutting edge software development opportunities.

Innovative Applied Sciences is more than just a software consulting company, we are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) small business that is committed to the economic betterment of veterans as they reenter civilian life. We look to recruit, direct and support military veterans who have applied science and technology skills. We look for opportunities to partner with other SDVO and Veteran Owned companies to create opportunities for growth.

Innovative specializes in embedded and realtime systems, and is focused on C4ISR in the Defense sector. Our deep expertise in system design, development, migration and rehosting is being applied to the new wave of weapon system modernization resulting from the Department of Defense Net–Centric Warfare initiative.

Mission and Values

Innovative invests the time and energy required to understand our client’s strategic needs and objectives in all markets: global, public, and commercial.

To meet our clients’ needs and demands, we’ve created a structure to recruit, direct and support military veterans with engineering and technology skills.

To assure our clients’ success, we create teams that:

  • Bring engineering excellence,
  • Nurture ideas and innovation,
  • Transform old client paradigms,
  • Apply emerging science and technologies to our clients’ challenges
  • The core values of Innovative are;
  • To recruit successful, well rounded people into the company,
  • To be known for having integrity in all aspects of our business relationships,
  • To hire and mentor veterans,
  • To always deliver quality systems and services,
  • To value and nurture long term relationships with clients, partners, and employees,
  • To fully support equal opportunity ideals across the social spectrum.

Management Team

James Wilfong, Chariman
James F. Wilfong, Chairman

In 1999, President Bill Clinton [D] named James Wilfong the Small Business Administration’s Assistant Administrator for International Trade, where he remained until 2001. This appointment highlighted a career of diversity with remarkable vitality and scope. Beginning as a small business entrepreneur in the ski industry in the early 1970’s, Wilfong has devoted more than 35 years to business development and public service in the areas of government, international trade, finance, marketing, small business management, entrepreneurship, education, public policy and community organizing.

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Michael J. Prevost, CEO
Michael J. Prevost, CEO

Michael J. Prevost, is a co-founder of Innovative Applied Sciences and the company’s CEO. He is committed to making Innovative a recognized leader in the development of realtime and embedded systems.

Mr. Prevost brings more than 25 years of management and engineering experience to Innovative where his primary responsibilities are managing the strategic direction of the company, developing partnership opportunities, and managing business development in all market segments.

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Robert A. Stiegler, President
Robert A. Stiegler, President
Bob Stiegler, CFO, is a co-founder of Innovative Applied Sciences. In his role as CFO, Bob is responsible for the financial planning and management of the Company. In his secondary role of technical oversight of various engineering projects, Bob is responsible for all aspects of a project from budgeting to technical solutions and post-delivery support.

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Barry Tahlor, CTO
Barry Tahlor, CTO
Barry Tahlor, CTO, is a co-founder of Innovative Applied Sciences. He has more than 25 years of experience with a hands-on approach to lead the development of advanced computing technologies to solve the complex problems of commercial and government clients. His vision for Innovative is to provide clients with the enterprise information technologies needed to compete effectively in today’s dynamic, information-based world. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York in Stony Brook, with a minor in Electronics and Economics.

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