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Ideas and Innovation

We are looking for creative, 'ideas’ people, those with an eye for ways of doing things better. If you are looking for an opportunity to turn your ideas and inspiration into products and solutions, we want to hear from you. Review our current openings and apply within.

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Culture and Bonus Plan

We are a team of successful people. Engineers typically come to Innovative with an established portfolio of accomplishments. We work together as a team but remain individuals who are self motivated, know how to manage time, and know how to set priorities.

A helping hand from other Innovative people is always available to solve problems and brainstorm solutions, but people who expect to be micro-managed will not find it here. We pull our weight as individuals and we support our colleagues to ensure that the employee, the client, and the company, all experience success.

We offer an Engineering Bonus plan that acknowledges the workload you carry. Bonuses are calculated quarterly and are based solely on the number of hours you’ve worked on client projects. Bonuses are typically 20% or more of the engineer’s total compensation.

We Hire Vets

We give veterans preferential consideration for every open position. Please provide your branch of service, date of discharge, and rank at discharge.

How To Apply

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How to Apply


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