What is an SDVO?

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Innovative Applied Sciences is a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVO). An SDVO is a small business that is 51% owned by one or more military veterans who were awarded a service-connected disability.

SDVOs have been given rights for contracting with the federal government under PL Law 106—50. The Law provides a minimum set–aside of 3% of all Federal procurement for SDVOs.

This page provides more information about various laws and presidential executive orders affecting SDVOs.

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• Public Law 106-50

Public Law (Flag and gavel) Get the full history of PL 106-50 here.
The plain text of PL 106-50 can be read here.

The Veterans' Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999, in which Congress recognized the United States must provide additional assistance to veterans, particularly service-disabled veterans, with forming and expanding their own small businesses, thereby assisting them to “realize the American dream that they fought so hard to protect.”

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• Presidential Executive Order 13360

Read the President's announcement of this Executive Order.

This order directs members of the President’s Cabinet to provide the opportunity for service-disabled veteran businesses to significantly increase the Federal contracting and subcontracting of such businesses.


The Veterans Technology Services (VETS) Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a small business set-aside contract for service-disabled veteran-owned (SDVO) small technology firms. It is the result of Executive Order 13360 that is designed to strengthen federal contracting opportunities for SDVO firms.

VETS presents a new way for federal agencies to achieve small business goals through purchase of Information Technology solutions from small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans.

The VETS GWAC offers many exceptional benefits to the government customer looking to compete their Information Technology requirements among dozens of highly-skilled SDVOSB-led teams offering a broad range of IT services in two major Functional Areas:

FA 1 Systems Operations & Maintenance

FA 2 Information Systems Engineering

Vets Gwac
    Some of the benefits of the VETS GWAC include:
  • Five-year base period with one, five-year option
  • Ordering procedures based on Fair Opportunity (FAR 16.505)
  • $5 billion program ceiling
  • Federal agency assistance in meeting 3 percent goal for contracting with Service-disabled veteran-owned firms
  • Pre-competed, easy to use contracts
  • Short procurement lead time
  • Training and support from VETS GWAC acquisition team
  • No-Cost Review of your SOW by the VETS GWAC acquisition team
  • Increased contracting opportunities for small business
  • Limited protestability and lower risk of delays

The official GSA VETS GWAC page

U.S. Capital Building

• Public Law 108-183

Also known as The Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999.

In October 2003,Congress passed PL 108-183, a veterans' procurement program for SDVOs. Contracting officers were authorized more “tools to work with” to achieve the mandatory minimum 3% requirements of the law. As a result, procurement officials can restrict or sole source contracts exclusively for SDVOs.

• Public Law 109-461

We the People . . Declaration of Independance

Also known as The Department of Veterans Affairs New Procurement Policy.

The Secretary for Veterans Affairs shall set procurement goals for SDVOs and Veteran owned businesses of not less than 3% of procurement dollars and in order to accomplish these goals the Department may sole source to qualified Veteran owned and SDVO enterprises.

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